A Brief Introduction


Words from the Director

     NER-A Companion for Life   The National Education Radio(NER) has belonged to the Ministry of Education, this is the one and the only non-profit educational radio broadcasting radio station in Taiwan. The programs, in addition to covering the major theme promoting ...

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A Brief History

In light of the importance of education to national development, the government has been since its transfer to Taiwan in 1949 actively engaging in developing the business of education and cultivating talents. The Ministry of Education thus began to establish the National Edu ...

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Records for Wins

Golden Bell Award Records for Wins ★In 2015 Golden Bell Award,NER was nominated for 17 awards, and won 6 Awards for the children's program award, non- pop music program award, living program award, children's program host award , living program host award , educational and cultural host award. ★In ...

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